Ferncroft Chinooks

Intervale Ferncroft

Fern-OFA excellent hips, Pennhip 0.33- 0.35 ,normal eyes, normal patella.

Pemi- Pennhip 0.13 -0.20, normal eyes.

Pemi and Fern are clear of MDR1 and Dwarfism. Both dogs have Embark genetic panels and Wisdom genetic panels.

Both dogs have fantastic temperaments. We expect these puppies to be natural, versatile athletes. But most of all be loving, social family companions. To review pedigree :http://www.chinookhealth.org/fivegen.asp?ID=4920

For a puppy application email : ferncroftchinooks@yahoo.com– 1 male puppy left to place!!

Sea Smoke Kalen (Pemi)

Ferncroft Chinooks:
New Hampshire

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