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We are a small kennel in New Hampshire. We are looking to breed Fern in Spring 2020. Our goal is to produce healthy, versatile pups with a huge side of sweetness. We are avid hikers and seek adventure in new places.

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We will be breeding Fern to the handsome: Wachusett Gulbrun Regis: Baker http://www.chinookhealth.org/pedigree.asp?ID=2688


Fern has OFA Excellent hips: Penn hips 0.33/ 0.35 and normal eyes. Fern is 24 in tall and 65lbs

Baker has Penn hips: 0.31/ 0.34 and normal eyes. Baker is 25 in tall and 72Lbs.

Optimal Selection DNA database Breeder Tool rated the Estimated Genetic Health Index for puppies at 96 which is greater than both dogs. The Breeder Tool proposes the mating partners purely based on the measured genetic health.

Both dogs are seizure and allergy free and are clear of all the genetic diseases tested for in the Optimal Selection database.

We chose Baker for Fern because he has a calm and sweet temperament. Baker has a broad head and a sturdy chest. Both dogs are social and love the outdoors! Fern loved Baker when they met as you can see from the photos. We expect the puppies to be athletic and be able to adapt to many different activities. Baker and Fern will produce traditional Chinook looking pups with black masks and tawny coats. Baker and Fern are UKC and AKC registered.

OFA reports on Fern and Baker are listed below.



Fern and Baker’s pups with be raised with guidance from the Puppy Culture program. We are looking for owners who would like to keep a puppy intact for a future breeding. Please send a email to: ferncroftchinooks@yahoo.com. I will email you a puppy placement questionnaire.

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